Join your local Westminster Amenity Society

Westminster’s recognised amenity societies make an invaluable contribution to planning across the City, providing comments on several thousand planning applications every year on behalf of local communities.

The Westminster Amenity Societies Forum (WASF) represents the views and interests of all the officially recognised amenity/civic societies in Westminster and their members on issues that are important to those who work and live in Westminster. The Forum’s main focus is on Planning, Development Management, Heritage, Transport, Environment, and Open Spaces.

What we do

  • Planning
  • Licensing
  • Traffic & City Management
  • Social Events
  • Mounting campaigns on important issues.
  • Submitting written responses to consultations

18 Amenity Societies are currently formally recognised by the Council for the purposes of consultation on planning applications within their designated areas. There are also a number of ‘semi-recognised’ societies. These groups have fewer members or cover smaller areas usually within an area already covered by a recognised amenity society.

Recognised Amenity Societies in Westminster

Bayswater Residents Association
Belgravia Residents Association
Belgravia Society
Covent Garden Community Association
Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association
Hyde Park Estate Association
Knightsbridge Association
Marylebone Association

Mayfair Residents’ Group

North Paddington Society
Paddington Waterways and Maida Vale Society
Pimlico F.R.E.D.A

Residents Society of Mayfair and St. James’s
St. John’s Wood Society
St. Marylebone Society
Soho Society
South East Bayswater Residents Association
Thorney Island Society & Friends of St James’s Park & Green Park
Westminster Society

Semi-Recognised Amenity Societies

Cathedral Area Residents Group
Harrowby & District Residents’ Association

Paddington Residents Active Concern on Transport
Portland Village Association
Covent Garden Area Trust